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Training Day Cafe offers fast, easy and convenient meal options. We are here to make sure that you've got the food you need to help you get through busy days, without sacrificing quality or health. We offer monthly features and a menu that is customizable to your meal needs and preferences. With so many options to choose from, you are able to keep your meals both to your taste and interest.

No. A lot of time, effort, and money goes into preparing each order. Once your meals are prepped, there will be no refunds on your order. Meals will be kept at your pick up location for 3 days, at which time they will be thrown away.  We do not send reminders emails after we have confirmed your order.

If you need to cancel your order we ask that you contact us directly before your cooking day by 8pm for a refund (minus Square processing fees – you will not be refunded any applicable credit card processing fees). Any cancellation made after this time will not be refunded. We have to be really strict about cancelling orders due to the fact that once your order has been placed we then proceed to purchasing and prepping/marinating all items before they actually get cooked on your pick up day. This means that even though you don’t actually receive your meals until your pick-up date there has already been money and labor invested in your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We very proudly offer vegan and vegetarian options on our menu, 100% free of any animal products. We change our vegan option every 2 months. Custom meals are available to purchase.

Yes! Our meals are made fresh to last approximately 4 days in a refrigerator, and are made without any preservatives. If you are ordering meals for 6 or 7 days we recommend that you transfer the meals to freezer-friendly containers and freeze the meals that will be eaten after the 4th day.

Meals with seafood, cauliflower rice, black beans and broccoli should be eaten first.

To ensure the quality of our meals we recommend that you microwave your meals no longer than 2 minutes or until heated all the way through. When possible, warm your meals stovetop, in an air fryer or in the oven.

We ask that if you have any food allergies (i.e. fish, nuts, dairy, etc.) that you please let us know in the notes section of our checkout. If you are unsure whether we can accommodate your allergies, please contact us prior to ordering. You can email us at mealprep@trainingdaycafe.com

We have a list of pick up locations available at check out including locations in Cloverdale, Surrey, Abbotsford, and Vancouver.

Abbotsford – Delivery on Wednesday & Saturday – Captain Meats – #113 2777 Gladwin Rd
Langley – Delivery on each prep day – Captain Meats – 20150 Langley Bypass
Cloverdale – Delivery on each prep day – Sweet Avenue Bakery – 17455 56 Ave
Surrey – Delivery on each prep day – Reflex Fleetwood, Training Day King George, Training Day Fleetwood
Vancouver – Delivery on Tuesday & Friday – Prosper Health (South Vancouver) 6176 Fraser St & Hidden City Fitness (downtown Vancouver) 1768 East Hastings *pls note that Hidden City Fitness is a private gym and you will need to pre-arrange a time for pick up*
White Rock – Delivery on Wednesday & Saturday – PR Fitness Studio, 1430 Johnston Rd *pls note that PR Fitness Studio is a private gym and you will need to pre-arrange a time for pick up*

We ask that all orders are placed by 8PM the night before a prep day.

Sunday at 8pm for Monday prep – pick up on Monday.

Monday at 8pm for Tuesday prep – pick up on Tuesday.

Tuesday at 8pm for Wednesday prep – pick up on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thursday at 8pm for Friday cooking – pick up on Friday.

Friday at 8pm for Saturday cooking – pick up on Saturday or Sunday.

The one-time order is a one-time order only. You order exactly what meals you want for one pick up.

The weekly subscription provides you with a week’s worth of food, each week without having to place an order. All you have to do is select your meals or leave it up to us, and they will be prepared like clockwork to suit your schedule so you can eat and live healthy each week. The weekly subscription saves you time and money, and can be set up via email with our staff at mealprep@trainingdaycafe.com A weekly subscription requires a minimum 4 week commitment with a credit card on file and must be pre-paid at the beginning of each week.

This package is a pre-payment of a set number of meals – the more meals you purchase, the more the price per meal reduces. With a package, YOU pick any of the meals on our menu including our keto meals, vegetarian meals, signature meals, and salads. This package is not applicable to meals that are not on our menu. You do not have to collect all of your meals at once. You may split up your pick up and have them picked up from any of our pick up locations.

Up to 3-4 days in the BPA-free containers provided. Meals with black beans, broccoli or fish should be eaten in the first 48 hours. We cook with no preservatives so please keep that in mind when timing your meals.

All meals are cooked fresh in a certified commercial kitchen. Each meal is portioned, weighed and individually packaged in a microwavable, environmentally friendly, BPA free container.

Yes. We have all required health certified training, location licenses and necessary food safety certifications. We also have a holistic and functional health nutritionist on staff creating our recipes and meals.

Each meal is individually proportioned and packaged in a microwavable, environmentally friendly, BPA free container. Our meals do not have macros or nutritional information on the container, but that information is available on our website.

There is no minimum order or commitment; you can choose all of your meals and snacks a la carte.

Yes, we do offer gluten free meals upon order and request. Please confirm allergies and intolerances prior to placing your order as some items are batch prepared and substitutes are not available. You can confirm prior to ordering by emailing us at mealprep@trainingdaycafe.com

Yes. We have some items that our creative staff has created, and you are able to order customized meals as well.

Yes. Purchasing a package is a pre-payment of a certain amount of meals. You may pick your meals, how often you’d like them, and how many you’d like each time you order. You do not have to order all of your meals at once.

Yes! Schedule a time to chat with our nutritionist so we can go over pricing and options for your plan by emailing nutritionist@trainingdaycafe.com

Feel free to contact us by email mealprep@trainingdaycafe.com and someone will be in touch to answer your questions.

Please note our phone line is not monitored while we are in the kitchen.

You can leave us a voicemail, send us a text or email, and someone will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Want to know more?

Call us at 604 621 5001 for all meal prep inquiries. For all in-store inquiries, please call King George at 604 593 1277 and Fleetwood at 604 597 1298.

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