If you are unclear on how to get started or have questions that you’d like answered by a real person over the phone, please book yourself in for a complimentary 15-min discovery call. 

We prep every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. The deadline to place an order is the night before a prep day by 8pm. Pick up on the prep day is after 2pm from all Training Day locations, and pick up locations.

Tasty and delicious customizable meal prep designed to help you meet your goals. Book in a complimentary 15 minute discovery call with our nutritionist for more information on the type of meals that are right for your goals.

Every person’s needs for meal prep are unique. Decide whether you’d like to make a one time order of any amount of meals, or if you’d like to set up a schedule. Once you’ve assessed what works for you, you can place your order online or set up a call with our staff to get you started. You can order from our menu or set up customized meal prep according to your macros/goals.

Order the meals you’d like, in the quantity you’d like, either for the week or just until our
next cooking day. If you’d like to order meals for the entire week, please keep in mind that
we cook on multiple days to ensure freshness. Split up your order, or you can always
order enough and freeze whatever you won’t eat past 4 days.
We prep on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.

Our fully prepared meals are ready to eat after warming for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy your delicious, healthy and tasty meals at your home, place of business, or on the go!

Unclear which type of meals you’d like or would you like to customize your meals to your macros? Book in a discovery call with our nutritionist here.

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