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Assess what you need

Every person’s needs for meal prep are unique. Decide whether you’d like to make a one-
time order of any amount of meals, or if you’d like to set up a schedule. Once you’ve
Assessed what works for you, you can place your order online or call us to schedule a
brief nutrition consultation.

Order your meals

Order the meals you’d like, in the quantity you’d like, either for the week or just until our
next cooking day. If you’d like to order meals for the entire week, please keep in mind that
We cook on multiple days to ensure freshness. Split up your order, or you can always
order enough and freeze whatever you won’t eat past 4 days.

Enjoy your food

Our fully prepared meals are ready to eat in 1-2 minutes. Enjoy your delicious, healthy
and tasty meals at your home, place of business, or on the go!

Farm to table is a trend we can get behind. We source our raw ingredients from friendly local producers whenever possible, cooking those veggies up into homemade delights. Rest assured, your meals are always delivered fresh as a daisy and never frozen.

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