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Nutrition Consultation


Nutrition is far more complex than calories in versus calories out. It’s hard to see the results you desire if you aren’t eating enough, or the timing and balance of your nutrition isn’t in line with your body’s optimal needs. After assessing your eating routine and current nutrition deficits, our nutritionist will help guide you in the right direction. In terms of strategy, you will decide whether you’d like a structured plan with a personalized meal plan, or if you would like to work with simple, more concrete goals like making specific changes to your nutrition.



A 1-hr conversation with a holistic nutritionist, outlining your lifestyle and diet with a follow up meal plan customized to your wellness goal.


  • Initial consultation (up to 60 minutes) – During the initial consultation, your health goals, medical history, diet, symptoms and lifestyle will be assessed. The first consultation is purely information gathering. Time will then be spent outside of your appointment to transfer the nutritional and lifestyle analysis into an individualized meal plan and health program custom tailored to your needs that will be presented to you during your initial follow up appointment
  • 30 day follow up phone call with any amendments to your plan
  • 4 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner as per your meal plan