6 Week Weight Loss & Nutrition Program

We already know that how and what we eat determines our health, well-being and the quality of our lives. When you eat a diet rich with whole foods, your body flourishes. If you are looking to improve your nutrition, feel healthier and achieve your wellness goal, this program is for you. Over the next 6 weeks you will learn which diet and lifestyle changes could have the biggest impact for YOU, while being supported with delicious, anti-inflammatory meals designed to help you achieve your goals. Bonus – the meals also support a better mood, better digestion, and a healthier you.


  • Anxiety & stress around nutrition and dieting

  • Balancing blood sugar & blood sugar management for people with insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, diabetes or other metabolic disorders

  • Heart and blood pressure focused nutrition and lifestyle changes

  • Hormonal imbalances including PCOS

  • Pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy diet

  • Skin complications and inflammation in the body

  • Digestive conditions and gut health

  • Bariatric weight loss surgery – pre and post op

This program is not about depriving yourself or setting you up for unrealistic expectations. Rather, you will be inspired to discover your best body and mind through clean eating, movement and self-care that you can incorporate into your everyday living long after 6 weeks are over. This isn’t a “diet” or a restrictive set of rules, this is a plan that will help you create and live a lifestyle that will set you on your path to a transformation.

Whatever your eating preference is, this 6-week program can be customized to a specific program that will benefit you.

This program is completely customized to your goals.

  • Weight gain or weight loss

  • Difficulty following a diet

  • Poor dietary choices or unsure of what to eat after being diagnosed with a chronic health condition

  • Problematic eating, emotional eating or food cravings

Our 6-week weight loss program includes:

  • a detailed nutrition consultation and lifestyle assessment

  • a personalized program by our in-house holistic nutritionist including a structured meal plan that is easy to follow

  • weekly accountability checks

  • protein shaker cup, water bottle, measuring tape and tote bag

  • 6 weeks of prepped meals (86 meals):

    • Week 1: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack – 7 days per week (28 total)

    • Week 2 & 3: Lunch and dinner – 7 days per week (28 total)

    • Week 4, 5 & 6: Lunch and dinner – 5 days per week (30 total)

Program Price: $1160+tax.

6 Week Weight Loss Program
admin6 Week Weight Loss & Nutrition Program